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Community Rules

To maintain a meaningful environment for all members, we ask that your participation in this Community portal be intentional, open and honest:

Check your privilege: Before you engage with each other, reflect on any privileges you hold. It is important to check any biases that you bring into this space. Understand the intersecting identities that impact your reality and well-being, just as much as those around you. Here’s a Privilege Checklist.  What is privilege in the context of power systems? Check out Privilege 101: A Quick and Dirty Guide

No to hate: Expressing hatred or intolerance for people on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender or gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability, including promoting organizations with such views, is unacceptable.

Cause no harm: Refrain from posting content that is libelous or defamatory, copyright-infringing material, and links that lead to illegal downloads, scams, and fake news.

Protect privacy: Respecting Network Members’ privacy is important. Don’t post content that invades others’ privacy; for example, people’s personal phone numbers and home mailing addresses. The Members Only Page provides educational resources and other information that are useful for your organization and community. Please exercise caution when sharing these resources. Please remember as well that threads and conversations shared by Network Members within the page might contain sensitive information. Don’t share sensitive information outside of the network, or check with the person/s concerned if they are okay with sharing the information widely.

Spamming is not cool: Don’t repeatedly send messages or requests to other people. Respect their time, capacity and need for space.

Be proactive: You can start a topic thread of your own. As a moderator of a thread, regularly check the forum and respond to folks. Refer to the above mentioned guidelines in moderating a thread.

 This discussion space is being monitored to ensure the community agreement is being respected.